We are building the next phase of web3 infrastructure.

ChainSafe designs and develops scalable solutions for the decentralized web.

Our Story

ChainSafe Systems is an R&D firm specializing in blockchain and web3 infrastructure.

We believe that empowering developers with blockchain-agnostic tools is essential for the future of decentralized systems.

Our Latest Projects

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Bunz etc-labs Whiteblock Polymath Aion George Brown
York U Shyft Aragon

Work With Us

ChainSafe develops open-source blockchain solutions made by contributors all over the world. We are continuously hiring developers, project managers and UX/UI designers.

Are you interested in building systems that support a rapidly growing ecosystem of state-of-the-art technology?

Do you believe in enabling innovation through free and open access to software?

Do you want to be apart of a talented team united in its mission to bring the latest blockchain protocols to its fullest potential?

We tend to work with: Go, Rust and Javascript.

Join the ChainSafe team to build the next generation of web infrastructure.

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